European Clubnight „Dalston Super Block” am 9.11.19

European Club Night Südblock Flyer -  Flyerdesign selflovetribute

Flyerdesign: selflovetribute

Südblock x Dalton Superstore

Initiated and co-funded by Clubcommission Berlin: At the European Club Night music clubs and collectives from 27 countries across the continent will run 27 club nights in 27 Berlin clubs. Most of the venues will participate with their resident DJs and/or local bands. Joined by a lot of family and friends from their hometown. In 2019, it is natural for many Europeans to travel, work and celebrate together freely. Yet there are still military conflicts, repressed and marginalized groups and wrong immigration policies. The European Club Night gives us the opportunity to network through music and communities and to create awareness about our values.

Line-up: GIN, Josh Caffe – Official (LOVE CHILD), Mica Coca

Event on facebook

Bei der European Club Night (initiiert und mitgegründet von Clubcommision Berlin) sind 27 Clubs aus ganz Europa zu Gast bei 27 Clubs in Berlin. Im Südblock zu Gast: Dalston Superstore aus London. Mehr Infos auf facebook. Mehr zur European Club Night samt Programm demnächst auf deren Webseite.


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