CherrYO!kie Farm Yard 🐮🐷🐔🐥🦊🐹 am 19.10.19

CherrYO!kie Flyer © Rory Midhani

© Rory Midhani

Yeeeeeee Haaaaaww Berlin CherrYO!kie is back!! … ready for a good new fashioned HOE down!

It’s harvest time so come roll in the Heeeeyyyy at Südblock.

It’s going to be a Clucking great time, grab your partner by the hand and get ready to Moooooooo-ve it!

See you all Saturday October 19th in the Südblock barn.

Check out the new website:

This isn’t karaoke this is CherrYO!kie.

Artwork by the incredible Rory Midhani



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