Filmscreening with debate: A woman’s womb – politics of reproduction am 1.2.18

A Woman's Womb (Filmstill (c) Mathilde Damoisel)

A Woman’s Womb (Filmstill (c) Mathilde Damoisel)

In Peru, in the late nineties, over 300,000 women and nearly 30,000 men were sterilised by Alberto Fujimori’s government, a lot of them by force. The campaign was supported by international development agencies, in the name of the fight against poverty, and Quechua indigenous people were the principal victims. The film documents the sterilization campaign from different angles, starting with testimonies of women who suffered the brutality of the population control campaign and organized resistance against it. Around these testimonies the film reconstructs the Peruvian case in a world history of birth control. It shows how the campaign was established within the Peruvian health care system and reveals the fundamental roles played by international development agencies.

After the film Anne Hendrixson comments the film and we can discuss it together.

Anne Hendrixson (Amherst/US) is a political scientist and a reproductive justice advocate, who writes about the dangers of today’s population control and teaches students in the School of Critical Social Inqui­ry.

Film by Mathilde Damoisel, Producer: Tancrede Ramonet, France 2009, in English, 55 min.

The film is in English without subtitles. There will be a short introduction before the screening and German/English translation support for the debate.

Veranstalter*innen/Organisator*innen: Daniel Bendix, Anthea Kyere, Luiza Prado, Tiziana Ratcheva, Susanne Schultz, Constanze Schwärzer-Dutta



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