CherrYO!-kie Super Queereros am 2.6.17

CherrYO!-kie - Foto: Max Wuschko

Foto: Max Wuschko

In these dark times we all need to channel our inner Super Queer(h)ero.

Colin Comfort and Sampson are back in lycra, stronger, queerer and louder than ever. Join us for the summer edition of the sing and dance along karaoke dance party.

CherrYO!-kie im Juni - Foto: Max Wuschko

Foto: Max Wuschko

Come dressed/empowered as your very own self actualised Queer Super Hero. We’ve got the POWER!!

CherrYO!-kie happens only 4 times a year, do not miss it. See you all in Südblock June 2nd.



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